Monday, 8 September 2014

Food Love Love Love

Hey ~ Birthday Bojio huh! xO 
hehe ~ How come I look fatter than u ady d?! NOT fair ...mummy T^T 
2014.06.29 > this fatty boom boom birthday ~ 

Birthday?! Of course need to celebrate lah!! So... lalala, we went to ONE U =)

YEPYYYYYYY... hurrayyyyy ><

T.g.i Friday's  

Soup of da day ~ creamy mushroom soup
erm.. don't know why , I loVe mushroom soup very much but i don't like to eat mushroom but inside the soup d i will eat LOL > the more creamy , the more I LoVe ...
I can't resist ... >w<

Next... dadadada~~~ my meal > LamB chop... it look like not special but taste good ~
The most food in this dish is da mashes potato, can u see? neh! under the chop one a.... 
there is ham,potato,flour,egg(maybe) and others inside ... aww~~~ 

Yes ~ U r right~ (clap) this is steak
my daddy order medium well and the fatty order MEDIUM... omg...sure he will regret ~hehe~
I always steal people's french fries ~ shhs O.O 
i have no idea why i love french fries... it's not healthy lehh~~~ =(
But... I like ~ /.\


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