Monday, 8 September 2014


最近比较流行的蛋糕噢~有很多种口味的哟 σ(^_^;)
很疯狂的… 和朋友跑到klcc…没有原因 然后就很yolo

第一次吃是 Tiramisu ~ 
For me, I would like to share with people because you will feel berry full ~ 

In da photo , there are Sesame and Cranberry favour ~ yup, its nice 
I love sesame becuz... it can whitening your skin, acne treatment and your hair will not turn white easily ( i think >< ) 
Sesame crepe , upper is sweet and bottom is salty , hmm it feel weird /.\
Cranberry crepe , is sweet and sour ~  

Coffee Mania has more favour compared to this shop in KLCC 

=) always fall in love with dessert d girl 

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