Monday, 8 September 2014

Starbucks =星巴克= 

seldom drink and not so love but i meet a fish 
wow~ first time know that fish also drink starbucks ,amazing LOL

YOLO again~ after the first class and waiting for the secong class, two girls go out and just only to drink it .... den back to school againnnnnn ~ like people said ''得喊吾西做''

Green Tea LATTE and da Caramel Frappuccino ( if not mistaken) 

What I always think is.... the price is same with the other higher class café shops~ why don't we just go to those café with more beautiful , special and fabulous surrounding~
and actually i like chocolate the most because coffee is bitter and make the teeth become brownish /.\

that's why seldom drink ~ 

Bojioo xP

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